Friday, September 26, 2008

Sebastien Grainger Still Rocks


Death From Above 1979 were one of those flash in a pan bands. 1 full length and that was it, they were gone. Granted, they had an EP before that and a remix album just prior to their breakup, but for a band with only 1 actual record, they were fucking huge. Everyone talked about them, everyone loved them, and everyone cried like little girls when they called it quits (I think, or maybe that was just me). We had/have electro-disco-dance-shaboinkin duo MSTRKRFT, in which Jesse Keeler (one half of Death From Above) takes part in, but we hadn't heard anything from Sebastien Grainger, the singer and beat maker of DFA79. That is....until now.

Right now Grainger's got a little solo project going on called Sebastien Grainger & The Mountains. Sadly, no mountains are actually involved (I don't think they know how to play any instruments, although I'm probably just being stereotypical). He records alone and tours with a few extra people to help him bring the noise on stage. Currently, there are a 7" and digital EP out, both titled American Names, and he's got a self titled full length headed our way on October 21st on Saddle Creek.

The tunes he's cranking out aren't quite as Death From Abovey as Death From Above, or even MSTRKRFT for that matter. Instead of dirty dance punk, it's more like dirty anthem rock. It's thick, melodic, dense, and sweet. This is clearly where we get to see the lighter side of Grainger and I think I'm OK with that. For now.

The American Names 7" has a couple of rockin' tracks, "American Names" and "Ways To Come Home." Both are also found on the digital EP and forthcoming full length, although "Way To Come Home" is actually titled "(Are There) Ways To Come Home" on the full length, so it may be a different version. Who knows. I ain't gonna lie, I probably wouldn't care as much as I do if it wasn't Sebastien Grainger making this music but I'm still digging his new sound and hope the full length doesn't disappoint.

Sebastien Grainger & The Mountains - American Names

Sebastien Grainger & The Mountains - Ways To Come Home

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