Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dave Stewart & The Spiritual Cowboys' Party Town Video

I watched Flatliners last night. Good movie. There was this Halloween party scene where Dave Stewart's "Party Town" was playing and everyone was dancing and having a good time out by the bonfire. It was the coolest. I totally wanted to be there. So I went to find the video online hoping that it would show more of the party with Dave Stewart & The Spiritual Cowboys playing. It makes sense, right? Well, instead of taking that route, they decided to make the video look like a preview for Flatliners, except they throw Dave and his band in every other shot, ending up making it look like a really weird movie, albeit one I'd definitely want to see. And is it just me, or are they not even using their second drummer? I mean, it looks like he's playing, but I'm pretty sure they just didn't want him to feel left out for the video.

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