Friday, August 1, 2008

Pyha - The Haunted House

Pyha - 노인의 노래 (Song Of The Elderly)

Grim, fucked up, loud, black, metal. Pyha totally destroys. Pyha is a one man black metal band from Korea. And yes, there is a catch. He released this when he was 14. Yeah, he was in 8th grade. Holy shit. I can barely wrap my brain around that. Not only is this one of the best black metal records I've heard but it came from a kid almost 10 years younger than me. And I thought Smoosh was talented. They got nothing on this guy.

Seriously, this is awesome. Super distorted, heavily damaged, and very political. I don't know what the fuck he's singing about (or even what the song titles are, all but one are in Korean) but the inside of the CD case is filled with images of soldiers, mass graves, starving children, and dead bodies. Pyha knows what's going on and needs to express his anger. Thankfully, instead of going on a shooting spree or blowing up some government building, he decided to make some kick ass metal. Lucky us.

I pretty much used all of my metal adjectives in that first sentence up there. So that's what you get. Just listen to the song. This isn't some novelty metal act. "Oh, the cute little kid made some music." No. This shit is for real. And it totally blows me away, regardless of his age. I hope with all my might that someday I have a child who wants to make black metal (and that she's a girl). I will be the most encouraging father ever.

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