Monday, August 18, 2008

White Light - For Your Leaves

White Light - I've Been Had

I put this on and the first thing my wife said upon hearing it was, "This sounds like it would be played in an indie book store." And I couldn't agree with her more. White Light has that electro-acoustic bedroom folk-pop thing going on, something that could also have been found on the Garden State Soundtrack without much surprise.

This isn't normally my favorite type of music, mostly because I'm not all that familiar with it and it all tends to sound the same. But I know what I like, regardless of whether or not I'm familiar with a genre, and I like For Your Leaves. It's soft and gentle, very easy going. It's the type of music I could put on in the company of just about anyone and know no one's going to be offended or put off by it. And no matter what stuff you generally listen to, you have to agree that you need to have a least a couple of records like this for when the parents are visiting.

Everything from the male and female vocals on the first half of For Your Leaves to the electronic bloops on the second half are smooth and subdued. Even the traditionally abrasive sounds, like guitar feedback, take on a beautifully serene quality when in the hands of White Light. For Your Leaves is a pleasant album that I probably won't listen to a lot, but I know it will be perfect for those times when I need to sit back and relax, but want something a little more than ambient drone.

Once available on L'Animaux Tryst in a hand numbered limited edition of 50 CD-Rs, For Your Leaves is now sold out through the label. You still may be able to find it through various record stores or if enough of you ask, the label just might make some more.

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