Monday, August 25, 2008

MP3: Paza Rahm - Teen Hipster

Paza Rahm - Teen Hipster

I get the feeling that song titles can be pretty random sometimes (see Mogwai). And silly me, I thought that was the case for Paza Rahm's "Teen Hipster" as well. And, yeah, I was really wrong. Not only is this track totally party-worthy, but the last minute of it sounds like it could be the soundtrack to the last dance at a high school graduation party while everyone is having the best time ever just before the cops show up. If there was ever a hipster version of Can't Hardly Wait, I would put money down that this song would end up on the soundtrack. 'Cause hipsters love the 8 bit.

"Teen Hipster" is from Paza Rahm's album The Slaphappy Bee III EP. The entire album can be downloaded for free via 8BitPeoples and I recommend doing so.

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