Wednesday, August 20, 2008

MP3: Hrvatski - Marbles

Hrvatski - Marbles

I just picked up Marble Madness for the NES a couple days ago. It's easily one of my favorite games ever with some of the best music (also included in that list would be Contra, Double Dragon, Zelda, etc). I grabbed it from the always well stocked Game Zone right down the street from me in Salem. Seriously, I could spend hundreds of dollars in that place and it would only take me 10 minutes. Partially because they have such a great selection of old and new games and also because they're used stuff can be a bit pricey. Dropping $30+ on an NES game is common and they usually have crazy rare stuff to boot. Like right now they have Earthbound ($100) and Super Mario RPG: Legend Of The Seven Stars ($80) and complete-in-box copies of The Punisher for Genesis ($100) and Final Fight Guy for SNES (a Blockbuster exclusive) ($500).

So yes, I used Hrvatski (aka Keith Fullerton Whitman) as an excuse to talk about video games on my music blog. Whatever. Doing a glitch/breakbeat version of video game music is the coolest idea ever. His song "Marbles" is fucking awesome, probably one of the best video game inspired songs that's not strictly a cover I've ever heard. It's based on the music from level 3 in Marble Madness and even has the "Times Up" part where the music stops and goes back to the beginning. This guy is a fucking genius, I tell you. No matter what moniker he uses, he creates amazing music.

"Marbles" can be found on the self released Inedits, but good luck finding a copy. It was a 3" CD-R that he only made 50 copies of 7 years ago. So if you find someone selling it, let me know. 'Cause I want it.

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