Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Belong - Same Places (Slow Version)

Belong - Same Places (Slow Version) (excerpt)

Belong is one of the greatest bands ever. Not only do they craft some of the most beautiful music but they also love their fans. Same Place (Slow Version), part of the Table Of The Elements Guitar Series, isn't due out until August 5th, and even then there will only be a limited number of copies. But the fine men of Belong decided to release the album digitally, for free. You can download it right now, right here.

Same Places (Slow Version) is one 14 minute track that is utterly gorgeous. It starts out with the wall of noise Belong have become known for and then about 6 minutes in, the volume drops and everything fades away. We're left with a quieter but no less thick drone. Very slowly and delicately, it builds, but not into the giant wall it started out as but into something much more subdued.

Warm and warbly, looped and murky, this song is more minimal and subtle than most tracks found on their full length, October Language. However, it is just as (if not more so) breathtaking and magnificent as anything found on their debut. It's absolutely exciting to hear what Belong can do with such a long stretch of time, as opposed to the more traditional song lengths they've previously worked with.

I can't recommend Same Place (Slow Version) enough. If you haven't already and if it isn't already sold out, pre-order the vinyl from the various online retailers. But either way, you should be downloading this song right now. You couldn't give me any reason I would find acceptable not to download this.

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Jcb said...

Hey the belong link is dead and there's no way to find this in 320kb/s on the internet without buying the vinyl or slsk. Would you mind finding same places and hosting it here?