Sunday, April 12, 2009

Show Worthy 4/13-4/19

Another great week for shows. Tons of stuff going on. But you know what? I'd say the same thing even if it was just Mountains playing. What? You didn't know? The makers of Best Drone Album Of The Year (the review of which got deleted by Blogger, fuck you guys) are playing at the Oxfam Cafe on Wednesday. Yeah, that pretty much makes everything else going on this week irrelevant.

King Darves

Monday, April 13
2673, King Darves, Jay Sullivan, Benjamin Nelson at The Piano Factory ($5-$10 donation, 8:00, all ages)
This is part of the Coup D’etat music series put on by Semata Productions which automatically means it's going to be great. I only know of Jay Sullivan, who does that awesome turntable drone stuff and is part of Ouest with Howard Stelzer and Brendan Murray. But when some of the other bands are described as "Phil Niblock and Johnathan Coleclough crying together in a bar" or "a voice more glorious than Calvin Johnson and Michael Gira combined" then you know this is the real fucking deal.


Wednesday, April 15
Mountains, Mind Wheel at Oxfam Cafe (freeeee, 8:00, all ages)
If you haven't yet heard Choral by Mountains, then do yourself a favor and go to Thrill Jockey's website to buy the CD (you waited too long to buy the limited edition double vinyl. It's sold out suckas). It's one of the best records I've ever heard ever. This show is free. It is all ages. You need to go.

Thursday, April 16
Anal Cunt, The Groinoids, Panzerbastard, Psycho, Fast Death at Church ($12, 7:00, 21+)
I'm only recommending this because Anal Cunt is fucking ridiculously awesome. I have no idea about the rest of the bands. But I mean it doesn't even matter. It's fucking Anal Cunt.

Loud Objects via blackmetalbanjos

Friday, April 17
Ensemble Robot & Loud Objects as part of The Beeline Festival at The Broad Institute ($15, 8:00, all ages)
I'm not totally sure what this is. Here's what the website says. It's the "world premiere of Concert Aria for Obbligato Violin and Robots by computer music pioneer Paul Lansky. Plus Evan Ziporyn's Belle Labs and completely new works by Ensemble Robot and Loud Objects composers for robots and live soldering." Here is what I do know. Loud Objects involves Tristan Perich, the man who made the amazingly genius 1-Bit Music. And there's something to do with robots and soldering. That's all I really need to know. I'm fucking sold. But if $15 is a little too rich for your blood, there's always the Big Bear show at The Middle East Upstairs with Pants Yell that same night for $8. And that could be the best $8 you spend all week.

Sunday, April 19
Count Rockula, Cassette at Middlesex Lounge ($5, 8:30, 21+)
This is a night of firsts. It's the very first event presented by one of the best blogs in Boston, Enough Cowbell. It's also the first night that both Rockula and Cassette will officially be playing Boston. So go have fun, dance your ass off ('cause Monday's Patriots Day!) and revel in the fact that the $5 is being donated to Cycle Kids, a local non-profit helping kids get their hands on bikes.


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Yaaa! Thanks so much Justin.

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