Thursday, April 23, 2009

Malinalli - Path Of The Fruit (Cloud Valley, 2009)

Malinalli - Side A (Untitled)

Malinalli seems to be a mysterious dude(s). I can't come up with anything on Google that seems to be related to the same Malinalli that made Path Of The Fruit. All I got is the Cloud Valley Myspace that links to Dream Safari in the description of Path. And the DS page has as much info as Google does on Malinalli so that doesn't help much. Does Dream Safari = Malinalli? Who knows, man. Those are just minor details, though. All that really matters is how fucking crazy amazing Path Of The Fruit is.

As soon as you hit play, it sounds like you entered a much less epic Temple Of Doom. I don't think there's any vocals, but the sounds created have that chanting monk like quality to them. It's a gorgeous blend of tones that are both unnerving and relaxing. It's a very confusing piece, the kind that fucks with your head a bit.

The B side is just as monk like, only this time it has a much stronger vocal feeling to it. Totally weird stuff. I just keep coming back to the Temple Of Doom thing. Like I went spelunking in a deep uncharted cave in the middle of Peru and stumbled upon some long lost almost inhuman tribe and this is the language they use. Nothing too religious or anything, just loooooong drones, like these people have lost all concept of time and communicate in the slowest way possible.

Path Of The Fruit is an enchanting listen. It might only be appropriate for very specific times in your life (like when you have your parents over for dinner) but when that time comes, this tape is gonna be fucking perfect.

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