Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Panda Steps In Chocolate - Creep Of The Crop (self released, 2009)

Panda Steps In Chocolate - Board Games And So Are You

OK, first things first. Panda Steps In Chocolate is one of the cutest band names ever. It instantly brings to mind something so random and hilarious (and cute!). And then there's the whole thing about Creep Of The Crop being free (you can download it here). Seems like it would take some truly awful music for me to hate this band. Luckily, Creep is the opposite of awful.

You can probably guess the kind of music this guy makes. Did you guess Christian black metal? If you did, you're a bad guesser. Panda Steps In Chocolate makes sweet sweet electro indie pop that makes me want to hug my wife. It reminds me a little of Built By Snow's MEGA except less nerdy (not counting that going-down-the-pipe sound from Super Mario Bros halfway through "Is This For You Guys, Uhhh OK" 'cause that's pretty nerdy).

If you're not clever like me, the pop might fool you if you're easily fooled. As happy as this record sounds, the lyrics tell another story. One about about girls. And sadness. Or something. I'm not sure. I wasn't really paying attention. I do know one lyric that's definitely about a girl and it goes "There's a porcupine where your heart should be." I think it's a metaphor for how he wants her to like him more than she likes porcupines.

I like Creep Of The Crop a lot. And I like saying "Panda Steps In Chocolate." Both make me smile. Success!


Johnny said...

Maybe they should have referenced a hedgehog rather than a porcupine.

Marilyn Roxie said...

Glad you liked it, Justin! This is my fav album of this year so far :)

Frozen Atlantic said...

You know, I liked this one a lot too. I'm not sure I'd play the record over and over again, but you know, it's the kind of thing that really works in small doses.

Cristiano said...

Ahhh awesome! Thanks loads for giving it a listen, and a kind review!


Justin Snow said...

Thanks for the love everyone. I love comments.