Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mountains, Mind Wheel at Oxfam Cafe


Mind Wheel

Mind Wheel

Second night within the week I went to Oxfam Cafe for a superb show. Last week when I saw Parts & Labor there, I had very little problems with the sound system. I mean, it wasn't perfect but as long as it was loud (and it was) there was little I had to complain about. Not so with Mountains. With music as delicate and subtle as theirs, every crackle and quiver from the speakers brought me right back to the cafe. And the cafe is not where I was when I was listening to Mountains. Nope. I was actually being carried through a stream that was flowing upwards towards to sky. However, it wasn't because the current's so powerful, it's due to a lack of gravity. It was beautiful and transcendent. I'm fairly certain that's something everyone should experience sometime in their life. And now you don't have to find an upward flowing stream, you just have to go see Mountains live.

The band that played before Mountains was Mind Wheel from Portland, Maine and they were exceptional. At times they sounded like a Fuck Buttons/Mountains blend, sometimes they had a naturey Americana sound, but whatever they happened to be doing, it was absolutely wonderful. Felt like I was hovering through this, cruising around at ungodly speeds. They're in the process of booking a show at PA's Lounge, so keep an eye out for that. You don't want to miss these guys when they come back to Boston.

So, yeah. It only seems fitting that the creators of one of the best records of the year would put on one of the best live shows, too. Mountains = awesome. Live Mountains > awesome.


Anonymous said...

Mind Wheel, Selbyville, Christopher Glenn, Graham

Friday, 5/22/09 @ 08:00 PM $8
Arts At The Armory
Somerville, MA

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