Monday, April 20, 2009

Kill And Eat - Green Bushes (Alright Now, 2009)

Kill And Eat - Green Bushes

I listen to straight up jazz once every year. Thanksgiving. I'm all dressed up, wearing fancy clothes, driving around town hitting up each and every side of the fam, and I tune into whatever station is on the low end of the dial playing jazz. And hopefully it's raining outside. Kill And Eat's Green Bushes is the record I hope that radio station is playing.

But I understand once a year might be a little too sparse to listen to one record. Perhaps you should make it part of your daily ritual. You can throw it on in the morning when you wake up and are reading the latest RSS feeds from your favorite blogs (AGB!) drinking a hot cup of coffee. Green Bushes is perfect for that.

It's a sprawling 18 minute sweet low-key jazzy drone piece. If you can imagine what it would sound like if Ben Folds took some classes from Lubomyr Melnyk, then you have a pretty good idea about what Bushes sounds like. It's a nice, easy going listen that doesn't judge you too harshly and would probably make an offer for you to sleep with it after all is said and done. And knowing you, you'd probably say yes.

Kill And Eat have Green Bushes in it's entirety (meaning the 18 minute title track plus two shorter "sketches") available to download for free on their website. There is a physical release which can be yours for a recommended $5 donation. But there's no "cover art" (only "packaging" as seen above). Which means you get a green CD slipped nicely into some white origami style folded printer paper. For 5 bucks. Like everything else, the choice is yours.


Marilyn Roxie said...

I was rather impressed with this album myself, and I'm not much of a 'jazz person', so to speak. Avant garde, somewhat folk-ish and all- sounding like it could have been recorded in any era :)

Erik Mallinson said...

I love the trumpet. I’m no jazz expert but do listen to a lot of jazz… I wouldn’t say this is particularly jazzy but it is a great song. Thanks for digging it up!

Justin Snow said...

I hardly listen to any jazz so I'm pretty sure your opinion would be closer to the truth than mine. :)