Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Women In Tragedy - Nothing But Dreams (El Tule, 2009)

Women In Tragedy - Side A (Imaginary Listener / Cloud Revival)

I've been going on a little tape spree lately. I use Animal Psi as a diving board and then meander through the various discographies and labels and MySpace friends and eventually find shit that I never knew existed. Women In Tragedy is one of those bands and Nothing But Dreams is very quickly becoming one of my new favorite tapes. I've been listening to this on repeat for the last couple of weeks and it just gets better every time.

I'm not quite sure where this tape lies. Noise? Drone? Pop? Obviously, the easiest answer is to either A) fuck the categorization or B) incorporate them all. The opener, "Imaginary Listener" is the perfect example. It starts out all innocuous, with a simple drum machine beat for about 30 seconds, and then this wall of static just fucking comes outta nowhere and destroys your ears. The static drops out, your ears adjust as the drums fade back in and there's an unintelligible voice crooning about something, probably about how awesome he thinks he is for making such an amazing song. Then when you'd expect the crazy noise to come back, a beautifully unsettling organ takes it's place. This song alone makes the tape worthwhile.

The next song is "Cloud Revival" and I love how the "beats" aren't normal beats. Everything echoes and resonates so that a single hit on the keyboard echoes out to a full measure. It makes for a very strange and off-kilter low key dance number that I doubt anyone would actually dance to but hey. Ya never know.

The B side features some crazy chipmunk vocals that (probably pretty obviously) remind me of Dan Deacon at times. Except one thing's for sure, the fidelity on this tape is absolute shit, obscuring everything to oblivion. The loopy piano, the skittery echoing beats, there isn't a single sound on Dreams that's in focus and that's why I love it. It runs the gamut from dance pop to blissful noise, all while being completely blown out. If that doesn't sound good to you, then you're reading the wrong blog.


Albany Sonic Arts Collective said...

yeah, that tape absolutely rules. Check out the LP on Music Fellowship too - really good stuff!

v0rdh0sbn said...

Have you heard Women In Tragedy's release on Brise-Cul? I like it a lot.

By the way, I don't know how I missed Ophibre and all them at Church! DAMMIT! another good concert gone

Justin Snow said...

I haven't heard anything else by WIT but after this tape, I'm definitely gonna be checking more of his stuff out. Brise-Cul is already a reputable label and now I guess I'll have to take a look into Music Fellowship, too. Thanks for the heads up, guys.

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