Thursday, February 19, 2009

Usputuspud - Live In The Shit (The Nafs, 2009)

Usputuspud - Tanja Jack Track

Last year I jizzed in my pants when I heard Usputuspud's Disco tape. And ever since, I've been jizzing my pants every time I hear it. Now it looks like I'll be jizzing my pants twice as much because Usputuspud's released a new tape.

Live In The Shit was recorded live (presumably in the shit) and it's every bit as good as Disco. It's super lo-fi warbly dance drone. Maybe Live is a bit less dancey than Disco was but I guess that makes sense. It's not like this one was called Groove or anything.

The A side, "Summer Of 83 Really," is heavy on the shimmery drone with a beat only showing up about 7 minutes in. And even then it's not like it's a real dance jam or anything, it just has this dense throbbing that escalates as the music gets thicker and louder. It's fucking awesome. But the B side is even better.

Flip the tape over and you're treated to some sweet harmonicas fading and echoing. After drifting around for a while, a quiet beat sneaks in and before you know it, you're bobbing your head while a simultaneously light and murky drone fills your mind and it grows and grows. You're surrounded by this overflowing, impenetrable beauty and you don't know if you want to start dancing or chill and ride it out. I honestly don't think I could love this any more.

Sometimes you hear some music and you think it is so perfect that it must have been made for you or something. I kind of feel that way about Fuck Buttons, Belong, and most certainly Usputuspud. It's exactly what I want in music and I seriously can't get enough of it. I'd love to have this permanently playing wherever I go.


Max Pearl said...

Boy that's a lot of jizz... sweet find!

bodo said...

Oh nice. I came at 00:00:58. Many thanks for your eclectic tastes.

Henry Robinson said...

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