Saturday, February 7, 2009

Kanin Krusete - Black Bile

Kanin Krusete - Solace

The newest release from one of the newest noise makers to come out of Lowell, MA. Perhaps my favorite part of Kanin Krusete is that the name roughly translates as "Fuzzy Rabbit." That's not a dig at the music by any means, it's just that I'm such a big fan of bunnies. Especially fuzzy ones.

But the music on Black Bile is probably the exact opposite of what any fuzzy bunny would make. It's a spray-painted mini 3" CD-R packed with filthy, disgusting noise. There is absolutely no room for breathing on here. It's thick crumbling static with shrill shrieks and completely obliterated vocals. And even when you'd normally expect a slight refuge, the 3 tracks don't even have any silence between them. If this were a full length, it might not be wise to take it all in in one sitting, otherwise one is bound to go on a killing spree before the record ends.

Black Bile is available on Brise-Cul Records for a measly 5 bucks. You can probably make that just by shaking a can out on the sidewalk for 10 minutes. But if for some reason you're feeling especially cheap (lemme guess... the economy, right?) Mr. Fuzzy Bunny himself is always down for a trade. Just hit him up on MySpace.

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