Friday, February 6, 2009

MP3: Holly Miranda ft. Kyp Malone - Slow Burn Treason

Holly Miranda ft. Kyp Malone - Slow Burn Treason

I normally don't post stuff like this. AKA Not very experimental, found on big sites (P4K), etc, etc. But Holly Miranda is special. Very special. Do you see those 3 puppies up there? Only special people get to hang out in bed with 3 puppies.

"Slow Burn Treason" is super haunting and beautiful, evocative of many familiar things but still undeniably distinct. And it helps that two TVOTR dudes contribute their awesomeness. Kyp's falsetto harmonies really up the ante. David Sitek produced the song and the album it'll show up on, The Magicians Private Library giving it his special golden touch. It's really fucking good and I can't wait until Private Library gets it's eventual release sometime this year.


Anonymous said...

Just listened to this. 3 times in a row. Amazing.

Henry Robinson said...

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