Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bull Moose Music (Portsmouth, NH)

The other day I went up to Portsmouth, NH with my family for my birthday. We just kinda walked around, enjoyed the place, ate at Friendly Toast, you know the drill. And seeing how it was my birthday, I dragged them into this not so little record store called Bull Moose Music.

Wow. You need to go here.

It's big. Definitely not your average used record shop on the corner. And they sell tons of stuff. Their metal section was pretty admirable (one of the first sections when you walk in) and they actually had an experimental section. Sweet! They do the mixed new/used thing so you don't have to go back and forth to see if they have a specific record you're looking for. I didn't get a good chance to look through, but it seemed like they had a decent vinyl selection, too, with plenty of new stuff and even a special little section for 10"s. Oh, and their price labels come off nice and easy, leaving no residue. That is a fucking plus and a half.

And they actually had a vault. Like, one you keep reeeeeally special stuff in. I bet there's boxes of rare shit I've never heard of like super limited signed copies of some tour only split 7" with Stars Of The Lid and Fennesz. And then they throw wicked secret parties in there where you get to hang out with Zach Hill, Andre Benjamin, and Wayne Coyne. I mean, what else do you do with a vault in a record store?

I was able to pick up a few CDs before my family rushed me out of there. I found used copies of Khanate's Capture & Release and Larval's Predator Or Prey. And I got the motherfuckin deal of the century when I found one of 500 copies of Brendan Murray's Commonwealth with the cardboard sleeve for $3.98. LESS THAN FOUR DOLLARS FOR THAT BITCH. Go to Bull Moose and seek the deals. They shall be had.


Unknown said...

I love this store. I have the same "Portsmouth routine" as you: Friendly Toast, then Bullmoose. I read the other day Friendly Toast is opening a branch in Kendall Square, Cambridge. Put a record store next to it and I may never go to New Hampshire again!

Justin Snow said...

I just heard about that, too! Wicked excited about it. I hope it's as good as the one in Portsmouth. And yeah, if there's a solid record store around, not much of a reason to head up to Portsmouth anymore. :)

leah creates said...

They just started doing that used/new mixed thing recently & I'm glad for it.

I keep telling Elise to let me know when you guys are in Portsmouth! =)

Anonymous said...

I also love that store. I was pretty excited to find "Why I Love Life" up there.

Justin Snow said...

Holy shit! I'm just now remembering. This is the one you were talking about a while back, right?