Friday, February 27, 2009

Pizza - Sunsets Suck (self released, 2009)

Pizza - Newton

It's been a while since I wrote about some pop oriented stuff and I just picked up this Pizza record so I figured hey, why not. It's good, therefore you should know about it.

Pizza is Allen and, uh, Princess Nicotine (Nicole). Sunsets Suck is their wicked short debut CD-R with handwritten liner notes and some really cheesy cover art. It's super charming weirdo pop, like a less artsy/more girly Need New Body. "Mamaskool" especially reminds me of NNB with the half rapping/half singing and bloopy synth.

Sunsets Suck is all over the place, mixing off kilter childishness with catchy melodies and danceable beats. And it makes for a really great combination. There's something so fantastic when you put silly lyrics and titles together with upbeat pop, especially in such a bizarrely awesome way as Pizza does. If you name your band my favorite food and make an album called Sunsets Suck with a song on it called "Dinosaurs," I really don't give a damn what kind of music you make. You're already cool.


Slick Bishop said...

i love this band and this album

Henry Robinson said...

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