Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Forest World - MMX (self released, 2010)

Forest World - Bury Me With My Money MMX

Forest World are honestly one of the best bands out there right now. Not sure how they're not blowing up all over the fucking place. They do the raddest minimal chiptunes ever (like on Fvtvre) and then they do sweet electro pop (with plenty of chiptune elements like on Super Bright Skullz) and all of it is just super fucking great.

MMX is their newest output and it's mostly the electro pop stuff, although there are a couple of straightup chiptune tracks. The music they make isn't some lush elaborate grandeur of emotions, it's just really straightforward and stripped down pop. And for music this basic to be so goddamn good means these guys are seriously fucking talented. They must have this super secret formula for all the right buttons to push to elate you and get your feet moving.

I really don't know how they do it. I mean, there seems to be an infinite number of other people doing almost exactly the same thing, but everyone else just falls flat. Forest World nails it every fucking time. And they're making sure you have multiple options for listening to MMX: buy the handmade physical copy for $5, stream it or download it for $4 on Bandcamp, or share it and get a free download.

They're on tour right now and you should definitely go out to seem them because I missed them when they stopped in Boston and that's a fucking tragedy. :(

P.S. There's a "hidden track" that's a MIDI cover of "Like A Prayer" that is probably the funnest Madonna cover ever.

P.P.S. Watch the insanely twisted video for the single "Jodie Jensen" because it gives an entirely different meaning to the song.

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