Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Utom Alla - Världens Minsta Häst (Native Parts, 2010)

Utom Alla - Side A

Another limited slice from the fine people at Native Parts, Utom Alla's Världens Minsta Häst was supposed to be their contribution to a split release with Flora V. Fauna, but FvF broke up before that happened. That doesn't mean Utom Alla's music shouldn't be enjoyed, though! A pat on the back for Native Parts coming through on their end.

Världens Minsta Häst is one of those weird, nearly indescribable records that can only come from Sweden. It's got sounds, lots and lots of sounds, and they rarely make sense, either collectively or individually. The only way this album can make any sense is if you just assume it's haunted. There's phantom bird tweets, stuttered ghostly vocals, growling dead engines, audible but stationary chimes, rewound wind, explosive micro-blasts that leave no damage, basically a bunch of sounds coming from nothing and leaving no trace behind. Listen to this enough times and you'll end up going insane. I think.

Truth be told, Utom Alla kinda scare me. I'm not really sure how someone from this dimension could make a record like this. It's some DAMN fine music, and I just know I'll end up listening to Världens enough times to lose my mind. I can't help it, though. Not when it's this fantastic & intriguing. Only 50 copies of this bad boy, so hurry your ass up. Just don't say you weren't warned.

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icastico said...

Thanks for the tip on this one. Sounds intriguing.