Tuesday, May 18, 2010

D/S/Miller | Hunted Creatures Split (Dynamo! Sound Collective, 2009)

D/S/Miller - Blowing Out A Match

This is another one from the last batch of Dynamo! Sound Collective stuff, a split 20 minute tape between 2 Pittsburgh dudes both wading waist deep in the drone.

D!SC head Hunted Creatures starts things off with a murky bog of evil purity on "Ode To Spunky (Saved)" that's all groaning Goblin synth and amplified tape hiss. On the first half. The latter part of the song chills out and is a beautifully somber organ piece, sweet melancholic melodies soaring above a throbbing hum. Definitely getting a "saved" feeling from this part, going to heaven and all that jazz. And honestly, if heaven sounds like this, I'm all for it. This is some seriously gorgeous stuff.

D/S/Miller's side is broken up into 2 tracks, the first one "Blowing Out A Match" clocking in at 7 and a half minutes and fuck it is really awesome. Lots of warble and skittering hiss, a highly elaborate landscape of texture. It could probably be found on some icy minimal electronics comp and it wouldn't seem very out of place. Its foundation of drone eventually gets flushed out, getting thicker & denser, while the entire thing ramps up in volume & intensity without adding a whole lot else to the mix. It never really climaxes, though, just gets loud enough to be super fucking cool and then drops out like you're not good enough for it.

The second, shorter track "Mesocyclone" is a quick stint of subtly blippy glitched high end drone that cleanses your ears with golden mist before prepping you for another go.

Honestly, there are a lot of things $6 can get you, but I'm pretty sure none of them are as high quality as this tape right here. Limited to 50 hand numbered copies, I'm sure you need this, even if only for that superb John Lennon looking dude praying on the cover art.

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