Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ultra Bonbon - North American Family Bond (Tanzprocesz, 2010)

Ultra Bonbon - Gods Bubbles

The dude that brought you the Harsh Noise For Your Wall paintings is back with some more (mostly) harsh noise for your speakers. Yes, Ultra Bonbon is here to fuck up some more shit.

North American Family Bond opens with the title track of warped oscillating drone, looped into synth waves with white static caps, and echoing bursts of radiating pulsars. Super fuckin cool and not harsh at all. Pretty chill actually. Then in rolls the "Fog Of Magog" with it's rumbling chaos and twisted squalls of acid. It's like the inside of a steamroller, totally fucking massive. And the vocals are the usual splintering, blown out, wayyyy in the red type stuff.

The B side is a single track, "Gods Bubbles," and I hate to be the lamest dude on the blogs, but I'm getting much more of a Satan's Swamp vibe. Or something like the Bog Of Eternal Stench From Hell. Low end bubble-like throbbing with self contained crusty explosions. You can just tell there's no chance of making it out alive. This shit is going to swallow & digest you whole and then have a fucking dance party to celebrate. "Gods Bubbles" is the inglorious finale to your life and this tape.

Tanzprocesz was kind enough to give North American Family Bond the special treatment. Red case & cassette with a folded super thick tracing paper insert, nicely printed with art that looks like you without your skin plus one of the increasingly trendy triangles.

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