Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Blue Sausage Infant - Flight Of The Solstice Queens (Zero Moon, 2010)

Blue Sausage Infant - Radiant Arc

"Radiant Arc," one of my favorites, gets in a rad as fuck groove, somehow both chill & rocking, and stays there the entire time with droning organ melodies and intermittent squelches of electronics. I could just listen to that jam for the entire album, eyes closed, head keeping in time with the propulsive beat, and letting the CEV take over.

Full review at diskant.

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the saucer people said...

The Melvins on MDMA!

Like taking a bungee jump into a blackhole...I remember one DMT trip that took me so far out into goddess populated tryptamine space that the ontological shock propelled my holographic body back into my physical body with such speed and force it felt like I had jumped off a 1000 foot cliff....something very similar happened when I listened to the Blue Sausage Infants.