Friday, May 28, 2010

OOPs: The Skull Defekts - DFX (Cut Hands, 2008)

The Skull Defekts - Untitled 1

The Skull Defekts are great because you never know what they're gonna do on their next release (except Drone Drug, the was kinda obvious). But seriously, they could do a noise album, some intense drone, or a straight up sexy rock record like The Temple. DFX falls into the noise/drone category.

2 long untitled tracks, pretty much all electronics. The first track starts out with some heaving thrum, gets performance anxiety and starts juicin, turning itself into an introverted industrial monster spawned from the gutters of scum who's hellbent on mayhem. In a kinda pretty way.

The second piece is a bit more in your face abrasive, multi-layered mumbling with thrashy static lazerz and lawn sprinklers spewing caustic green acid. It's totally fuckin crazy. Not in a pretty way.

It's a shame DFX is sold out because the packaging is killer. But I won't even bother describing it because it'd probably just make you jealous. Instead you can just...


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