Thursday, April 8, 2010

Xela, Perispirit, Brendan Murray & Noell Dorsey at The Piano Factory

Brendan Murray & Noell Dorsey: whales, monkeys, & ghosts singing in an occasionally treacherous river of echoes & footsteps

Brendan Murray: hummingbird heartbeat pulse blast, murky sonar blip feedback, laser tag in space haze

Perispirit: I really don't remember, my mind kinda melted, there were birds & water sounds, CRAZY volume cuts, the end was bordering on black metal, and it seemed to last foooorevverrrrrr

Xela: Jim Siegel (Ning Nong) on drums, synthy sci-fi arpeggio/tremolo tape weirdness, fallen angel choir harmonizes with itself, spontaneously combusts, treads on static circuits & tribal clouds, all the while firmly rooted in euphoria

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Brendan Murray

Brendan Murray & Noell Dorsey

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