Thursday, April 1, 2010

Panther Modern - Last Judgment Machine (Danvers State, 2010)

Panther Modern - The Grave Is No Bar To My Call

A+ noise dude The Vomit Arsonist runs Danvers State Recordings, your place for all things fucked. The latest batch of tapes has Panther Modern's newest 60 minutes of sheer brutality, otherwise known as Last Judgment Machine.

If you like your tapes caked in industrial crust, then prepare to shit your yourself. This motherfucker is the harshest of noise. Coal engine pounding, black smoke spewing, rusted metal grinding noise.

I listen to a lot of noise. Well, maybe not a lot but probably more than the average music nerd. And in doing so, I've come to expect certain things from noise. But no matter how many times I listen to Last Judgment Machine, it always catches me off guard. There are parts that continuously make me jump, leave me slack jawed, and generally make me think "What the FUCK just happened." I expect the unexpected and still get face raped every goddamn time.

Danvers State shit usually sells out pretty quickly and Last Judgment Machine is no exception. You lost out bitches. This time. Keep an eye on the next batch of tapes coming out soon (Sharpwaist 2xCS!) and make sure your trigger finger is in good shape.

P.S. Digital promo + obscure tape label = shitty album art (sorry)

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