Monday, April 26, 2010

Coralcola - Egggirl EP (self released, 2010)

Coralcola - Egggirl (Kat Fyte Re-Rub)

I slept 11 hours and I'm still fuckin exhausted so what I need are some chill beats to ease me in and then wake me the fuck up. Lucky for me (and most likely you too because, after all, it is Monday) Coralcola has finally released his Egggirl EP, complete with 2 new jams and 6 title track remixes from Boston(ish)'s worthiest and most capable remixin dudes.

When "Egggirl" came out last July, I was listening to that blissy techno shit every day and was really looking forward to the upcoming EP, supposedly coming in the fall. Clearly that didn't happen. But you know what? It was totally worth the wait and for 2 reasons. 1: IT'S FREE so any argument is invalid. 2: It's just that fuckin slick.

Check out who lent their skills in making "Egggirl" all it can be: Die Young, Nooka Jones, Kat Fyte...? Yeah. This is it. They all take their own original style, warping the song into something entirely different, making listening to "Egggirl" 7 times 100% enjoyable.

What you need to do is go download this EP for free and then you'll be the head master of Party Town USA all week at work.

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