Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wilt - She Walks The Night (Husk, 2010)

Wilt - Haunting The Chapel

Oooh Wilt. Did you really think that starting your new 7" off with howling wolves was a good idea? AWESOME. Just making sure we're on the same page.

She Walks The Night is a new piece of mini vinyl, the first 100 of which came with a bonus cassette (which is actually twice as long as the 7"). And these tunes are some of the bleakest minimal black metal noise to ever grace my turntable. Murky, desolate, and totally fucking pitiful, the type of sounds you hear wandering through a forgotten zombie infested graveyard in the middle of the night while fog rolls across the moon.

The tape has an extra 4 tracks, one of which is a reprise of the title track opening the vinyl, and it's more of the same. Which is a good thing, obviously. Creepy black ambience, Undead shuffling through empty mausoleums, the leathery flapping of bat wings, earth rumbling thunder, church bells ringing in the distance, the sound of utter hopelessness and grim filth.

Not sure if this is still available with the companion tape but it should be because it hasn't been out very long. Either way though, She Walks The Night is fucking essential for your collection of necrotic ambient 7 inches. Husk totally rules for putting this out (side note: and for putting out that origami style Mudboy LP)

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