Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Painforged / Gnaw Their Tongues - A Confession Of Worshipping The Depraved And Perverse Human Psyche... (Shadowgraph, 2010)

Painforged - Grotesque Revelation Of Anthropogenic Atrocitys Through Necrophilia And Cannibalism

The full title of this Painforged / Gnaw Their Tongues split is A Confession Of Worshipping The Depraved And Perverse Human Psyche In An Insalubrious And Pathological Context but Blogger can't handle titles that long so FUCK EM. Anyway...

You should remember An Epiphanic Vomiting Of Blood, the Gnaw Their Tongues album I reviewed a couple years ago, because there is no way you could possibly wash those sounds from your ears. And if you were somehow able to wipe Gnaw Their Tongues from your memory, I'll do you a favor and bring it all back.

This DVD-cased black CD-R split is the sound of your nightmares. Or rather, the sounds of hell. Nobody should ever have nightmares that sound like this. That's just too terrible of a thought.

Painforged's 3 songs (that have song titles just as long as the album title) are the yin to Gnaw Their Tongues' yang. While Painforged makes the blackest doom horror metal, his songs sound like he actually records (or samples) legit torture. Dudes describing the horrific things they're going to do to somebody, men & women being beaten and screaming for their lives, and haunting doom drone thrown beneath it all. Then there's some carnal inhuman vocals and maybe real instruments like drums and shit. Or maybe it's just the sounds of smashing skulls. I don't know. But fuck, man, this is really a metal record of people being tortured. Real or fake hardly matters. It is the most disturbing fucking thing I've ever heard.

So Painforged makes songs that are the sounds of torture, and Gnaw Their Tongues makes the songs to be played during the torture. He's like the conductor of the score to your death. GTT's 3 tracks are just as disgustingly demoralizing as anything else he's done. Cacophonous devil dreams of gut wrenching drones, buried zombie moans, and exploding puppy pinatas filled with acid bile and rusty nails.

Clearly Gnaw Their Tongues' reign of cinematic terror metal still stands. I bet he and Painforged are BFF after this split. They're probably at home comparing who has more satanic snuff VHS tapes. Maybe next time they'll collaborate on a sound/art installation where you lay down inside a coffin, they close it and pipe in their new song that literally makes you go insane and kill yourself. Fingers crossed!

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