Monday, April 19, 2010

Diagram A / Chrome Jackson Split (Spooky Tree, 2010)

Chrome Jackson - The Icicle Men March

Another one of the new Spooky Tree 7 inches, this one's got more fucked up noise from a Western Mass dude (Diagram A) and a surprisingly delightful track from an ex-Arab On Radar guy living in Rhode Island (Chrome Jackson).

Diagram's A side "Artery Drawing Anterio" is absolute insanity. Electronic squalls of vertigo and heaving piles of low end thrumming, it's like electro-shock therapy for your ears. It's strangely captivating, can't quite get away from it no matter how bad you want to look away, like driving past a car wreck. Guaranteed to make your gums bleed.

Chrome Jackson's half "The Icicle Men March" is just as fucked but a bit more pleasing on the ears. A catchy blown out guitar loops around like a circus is coming through town, except this circus is the kind that makes your eyes melt and gives you a bad acid trip just by hearing their clowns laugh. So so fucking good. Could listen to this on repeat all day long. #1 pop jam of the week!

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