Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Strotter Inst., Baker / Bisson Duo at 119 Gallery

Baker / Bisson Duo: paintbrush & Slinky on a guitar, wind up toys & spiky ball rolling on a turntable, bow & ribbed plastic tube on a bicycle wheel, rubber gloves plucking the wheel like a harp, shutter snapping interrupted hushed bang-clanking

Strotter Inst.: 3 turntables, 100 rubber bands everywhere, records with shit taped all over them, wooden blocks & rolls of tape revolving under stylus/rubber band pickup, continuously morphing looped mechanical drone, utterly incredible, 100% mesmerizing

More photos on Flickr.

Strotter Inst.

Strotter Inst.

Strotter Inst.

Baker / Bisson Duo (Bisson)

Baker / Bisson Duo (Baker)

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