Sunday, September 27, 2009

Show Worthy 9/28 - 10/4

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Jarrod Fowler via by Susanna Bolle

Monday, September 28
Jarrod Fowler at Weirdo Records (donate, 8:00, all ages)
Just... go listen to the samples on his Myspace page. Seriously. He also has a "percussion" CD. I guess. I have no idea what's going on at Weirdo, but it'll probably be awesome.

Andrew W. K. via by drivenbyboredom

Tuesday, September 29
Andrew W. K. & The Calder Quartet at Coolidge Corner Theatre ($25, 9:00, all ages)
AWK playing piano. With a string quartet. There should only be one thing stopping you from going to this. That $25 ticket price. YIKES. But if you can swing it, it'd certainly be worth it.

Tuesday, September 29
Ho-Ag, Battle House, Jordan, Mind Yeti at O'Brien's ($8, 9:00, 21+)
Local spazz heroes Ho-Ag are playing a show with Boston post-punks Battle House, so that's cool. Jordan's a garagey band from Paris. And Mind Yeti is the real reason you should go to this. Because they're so mysterious. And cool.

Mochipet via by 3rdCircle

Wednesday, September 30
Mochipet, D-Sub at Goodlife ($?, 10:00, 21+?)
Mochipet's just back from his tour in Asia, and he's stopping in Boston for your dancing pleasure. Crazy awesome bass heavy breakcore dub glitch hip hop shit that will blow your mind. Thank BASSIC for hookin you up.

The Besnard Lakes

Friday, October 2
The Besnard Lakes, Thalia Zedek, New Numbers at TT The Bear's ($?, 10:00, 18+)
I saw The Besnard Lakes at TT's last time they came around but only because I tried to see Dan Deacon at The Middle East Upstairs and it was sold out. But it worked out better that way because I've seen Deacon a couple times since whereas The Besnard Lakes have been pretty quiet. They're amazing live, though. And I'm sure they'll be playing a bunch of new stuff. And with Thalia Zedek opening, this'll be a great show.

Saturday, October 3
Many Mansions, Coralcola, Ming Ming Dance Co, Alaskas, Nameless at Whitehaus (donate?, 8:00?, all ages)
Fuck that is one awesome fuckin lineup. A couple of out-of-towners and some locals playing highly danceable tunes. Many Mansions does the weird loopy tropical thing, Coralcola is Worcester's answer to minimal techno-gaze, and Ming Ming, well, they're just Ming Ming. Killer bands, you'll have a totally rad time, go support Whitehaus 'cause they rule.

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