Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ultra Bonbon - Infants Grip (Husk, 2009)

Ultra Bonbon - Vinegar Balloons

If you're wondering what's up with the whole Bonbon thing, fear not. It kinda makes sense. That Vastieu Ramen tape was released on Bonbon Bruises, which is run by half of Ultra Bonbon. For some reason, Infants Grip was released on Husk, though, home of many Teeth Collection releases and Cadaver In Drag's debut full length. So there's your 6 degrees of whatever.

According to UB, this tape isn't what they normally sound like. After listening to Infants Grip, it's kind of hard to imagine these guys doing anything less than brutal but apparently they typically make quieter music (probably sounding like "Pregnant" on their Myspace page).

But Grip is an all out blast fest and the exact opposite of Easy Listening. Blown out obscured vocals a la Prurient with high end stretched out skree and scummy electronic filth. The title track is a perfect example of what to expect. The entire song sustains a piercing feedback squeal with episodes of crackling static that fade in and out. I imagine it could act as one of those electronic pest removers to drive out the mice that currently inhabit my apartment.

I think "Vinegar Balloons" might be my favorite, though. It's almost like some fucked up disco power electronics track. So much buzz and crunch with a semi-steady pulsing and just a hint of something pleasant going on underneath. Something tells me I might be in the minority about that, though.

Power electronics are something that need to be done right. You can't just flip some switches, turn some knobs, and scream into a busted microphone and expect people to go crazy for it. I don't know what the secret is but Ultra Bonbon definitely do. They know exactly how to beat your ass, smear your face with shit, and have you ask for more.

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