Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hrvatski, Sharpwaist at The Butcher Shoppe

I went to The Butcher Shoppe (Burger Stoop) on Friday night. I saw some people play music. I didn't see some other people play music. I saw some friends. It was fun.

I caught some of Typical White Male's set. Good stuff. Then Sharpwaist. Also good stuff. Mavis Concave was cool but not especially my thing. And then Hrvatski, the reason I went to BS in the first place.

Hrvatski is Keith Fullerton Whitman. It's the name he used when playing his glitch/breakcore shit. He doesn't really do that too much anymore. Mostly droney/noisey stuff now. But he was/is the fucking MASTER glitch man. To see him play as Hrvatski live was like a fucking dream come true. Very rare, very exciting. Totally mind blowing. Best electronic set I've seen all year.





(see them enlargified at flickr)


Max Pearl said...

Great pictures, can't believe I missed a rare Hrvatski performance.

Johnny said...

Watching Hrvatski with Dev/Null rocking out in front of you makes for a really good time.