Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Prince Rama Of Ayodhya / The Great Valley - Divine / Journey (Spooky Town Artifacts, 2009)

Prince Rama Of Ayodhya - Aeolian Divinex

What we got here is a brand new split 12" from Spooky Town featuring the sitting-right-under-my-nose-awesomeness of The Great Valley and fellow foreign sounding locals, Prince Rama Of Ayodhya. Boston's got a lot of freaky folky weirdness (thanks in great part to the Whitehaus) but these two bands seem like a great pairing for a split. Two sides of the same coin these guys.

I've heard Prince Rama on CD before and let me just tell you that vinyl is where it's at for this bunch. Their sound is a hundred bazillion times better when it's scraped through a needle instead of zapped through a laser. Their side showcases what they've become so fucking good at: tribal, spiritual, droning earthly sounds with lead singer Taraka belting out songs in her inimitably spectacular voice. They're able to combine traditional acoustic instruments with electronics in a way that sounds anything but straightforward and normal. They take New Age and Indian influences and make something wholly unique and enjoyable out of it. I keep thinking it sounds like music that I would never listen to, yet I always find myself throwing it on and loving the shit out of it.

Somehow The Great Valley managed to slip through my radar undetected. That is, until they put out this fantastic as fuck split with Prince Rama. The Valley consists of two dudes with crazy names, Big Dipper & Diamond Mouse, who make some freaked out old timey folk. They sound like if O'Death was trying less to be like artsy Man Men and instead went to live with their certifiable uncle out on the prairie spending their days drinking moonshine and howling with the coyotes. There's foot stompin beats and disharmonious melodies, laid back ukuleles and humming organs, singing saws and scratchy voices, all of the elements for the perfect record to impress your friends with at your next ho-down.

Divine / Journey is a sweet little piece of wax that will satisfy your cravings for worldly & old fashioned crazy shit. And it's cheap. Like, $8 cheap. Only 300 were made, each packaged in a recycled record jacket. Hand made ftw! Go on and grab a copy.

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