Friday, September 18, 2009

OOPs: Adilia Castillo - El Llano Venezolano (Comercial Llanero, 196?)

Adilia Castillo - Mi Recuerdo

I found this little gem in the furthest, darkest corner of a dingy record store and for some unknown reason, I was just drawn to it. The moment I laid eyes on Adilia's fantastic get-up, I knew I had to have this. And it's a damn good thing, too, because when I got home and threw it on, I was enchanted by "la voz de Adilia Castillo." El Llano Castillo is some old Venezuelan record that has lots of traditional Spanish sounding instruments and is in surprisingly high fidelity for such an ancient piece of wax. Don't worry, though, it still sounds wicked old. Some good times are assured to be had with this record, and if you have any Spanish friends, ask them to do a little Spanish dance when you throw this on at your next fiesta.

Also, I guess this is super rare. Not like "super valuable" or anything, just like I can't find even the smallest bit of info on this thing. If you know anything about this particular record, feel free to comment.

Yours thanks to the Fires of Media.


Laban said...

I have a copy by the same lady of a double LP "Gran Festival de Folklore Venezolano". Some good songs.

One of these days I'll get some of it off vinyl and onto the Web.

Justin Snow said...

Cool! Glad to know this woman exists outside of this record. I'd love to hear the album you have. If you ever rip it, send me a link and let me know!

Anonymous said...

hey bunny, I found an album by her today (La Dona by Adilia Castillo con Los Araucanos, August 1959 on Gema Records ) and bought it for the cover photo. She sits on a horse in full cowgirl fare during a lovely Venezualan sunset. Your right, she sounds enchanting...Chris in St Paul, MN

Justin Snow said...

Holy shit that cover sounds brilliant! I'd love to see it.

gabor said...

Es una verdadera joya, debe ser uno de los primeros Lp de La Doña Adilia Castillo, posible fecha 1958-59. Sería posible que colocaras la caratula posterior?