Sunday, September 20, 2009

Show Worthy 9/21 - 9/27

Greg & Ted via

Monday, September 21
Ted Lee at Weirdo Records (donate, 8:00, all ages)
Another Series show at Weirdo, this time with Feeding Tube Records main man Ted Lee. Anything could happen at this show. I mean anything.

SubArachnoid Space via by Bring Whoever You Want to Bring

Tuesday, September 22
SubArachnoid Space, OvO, Ehnahre, Double Awake at Great Scott ($9, 9:00, 18+)
There are some things I don't know about this show, but there are also some things I do know. Like, for instance, that Double Awake is playing. I know that even though it's not listed on Great Scott's site because Mr. Double Awake told me himself. So that's pretty fucking cool. I also know Ehnahre are awesome avant metal and Ricardo Donoso plays with 'em. I don't specifically know OvO or SubArachnoid Space but I do know that they're on Load and Crucial Blast (respectively) and both of those labels (CB especially) fucking rule. So this show is going to be loud and it's going to amazing. Similar to the Health/Pictureplane/Big Digits/Bearstronaut show at Harper's Ferry except less dancing. You should go to this one. It will be better.

Sewer Goddess via by Todd Brooks

Thursday, September 24
Summoning Hate, Witch Tomb, Martyrvore, Sewer Goddess at O'Brien's ($8, 9:00, 21+)
MOOOOORE METAL. This show will be quite heavy on the metal, possibly also on the sucking. It has that potential, because 3 of the bands I've never seen. But Sewer Goddess is sure to bore black holes through your skull with disgusting industrial blackened noise shit. Even if you just go for Sewer Goddess, it will be $8 well spent.

Friday, September 25
Big Bear, You Need New Glasses, Tinsel Teeth, Dead Cats Dead Rats at The Middle East Upstairs ($8, 8:00, 18+)
You know a Big Bear show isn't going by unnoticed here. I will promote the shit out of them until the day I die. So go see them. Even if you've already seen them a dozen times, go again because they're that fucking good. Providence's Tinsel Teeth also (supposedly) put on a ridiculous live show with their nasty noise punkish ways. You Need New Glasses and Dead Cats Dead Rats are doing the CD release party thing and they'll both be playing their own post garage math punk stuff that is highly enjoyable. YNNG has a free album out now that you can (and should) go download.

Keir Neuringer via by Eelco Borremans

Saturday, September 26
Keir Neuringer & Skinny Vinny, Skeletons Out, Andrew Newman at 381 Congress St ($?, 8:00? all ages?)
There's so little published info on this show. Still, it seems like this is the lineup and it's definitely at 381 Congress St. So there's that. Not sure if Keir Neuringer and Skinny Vinny are collaborating or if they're playing separately. Also not sure about price, time, etc. But this show will be killer regardless of all those menial details. Skeletons Out fucking owns (Howared Stelzer & Jay Sullivan) and Keir Neuringer is a crazy electronic noise motherfucker. You might even get some droning saxophone. You never know.

Sunday, September 27
Mono No Aware, Xanopticon, Edgey, Synnack, So So Gutter at The Armory ($11 advance / $15 dos, 6:00, all ages)
This show is going to be so crazy. 100% awesome electronic acts doing all sorts of different stuff ranging from drum n bass to ambient and slick video artists givin you something sweet to look at while you party. Voidstar and Force Of Nature are putting this on so you know you're gonna have a good time. And fucking Xanopticon man! How can you even think about not going to this!?

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