Monday, August 31, 2009

Madagascar - Goodbye East Goodbye West (Gaarden, 2009)

Madagascar - Goodbye East Goodbye West

Goodbye East Goodbye West has been out since 2007. Why am I reviewing it now? 2 reasons. 1: I don't give a shit about release dates. 2: The fine folks at Gaarden Records thought Madagascar's second album was awesome enough to give it the vinyl treatment this year. So what I'm reviewing is the stunning LP and not the lame ass CD (no offense, Western Vinyl).

If you haven't heard Baltimore's Madagscar yet (like me), then you're in for a delicious treat. GEGW is a chill record with all of my favorite instruments. Accordion, singing saw, glockenspiel, bells and chimes, and the obligatory guitar/percussion/etc combined to make charming as fuck tunes for dancing with your lady in the ballroom or moping on your stoop in your raggedy ass knickers getting drunk on basement vodka. A little bit of Devotchka, some Beirut and Hauschka, throw in some subtle drone and you got yourself one hell of an album.

Now for those of you that have heard Goodbye East already and perhaps even own the digital version, it's time to wise up and get your hands on this hot robin's egg blue vinyl. Not to mention that it's got a super slick letter-pressed jacket with artwork from Justin Lucas. And, like most things Gaarden, this is limited. Only 500 copies available. Do yourself a favor and grab one before it's on Ebay for $150.

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