Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Weirdstock & Chaos First

Hope you guys don't have anything planned for this weekend because it is EPIC PARTY TIME.

First, there's Weirdstock, paying homage to the 40th anniversary of Woodstock. It'll be at the Cambridge YMCA and runs from 6:00 on Friday the 14th to Sunday night. Over 50 bands are going to be playing. All sorts of awesome stuff. Highly experimental drone, freak folk, plus video and installation art. Here's a partial list of who'll be playing.

Ducktails, Dreamhouse, Harmonizer (Greg Davis), Julian Lynch, Kurt Weisman, Keith Fullerton Whitman + Geoff Mullen Duo, Skeletons Out, Devil Music, Eat Cloud, Truman Peypte, Sore Eros, Lord Jeff, Cursillistas, Goat of Arms, Ricardo Donoso, Mudboy, Human Hairs, Cave Bears, QFWFQ Duo, Radio Wonderland, Many Mansions, Ophibre, Concord Ballet Orchestra Players, Peace, Loving, Metal and Glass Ensemble, Palm, Quilt, Omnivore, Duck That (Steve Norton), Son of Salami, Tooth Ache, Guatemala City

And plenty more. 1 day pass is $7, 2 day pass is $13, 3 day pass is $18. Buy them here. Buy them now. Full lineup and more info on the Whitehaus site.

Then there's Chaos First put on by WMUA at Umass Amherst. So, duh, this is going down at Umass Amherst. The Library Lawn and Student Union Ballroom to be precise. This show is going to be a bit more, um, noisey. And chaotic. The big name they got is Lightning Bolt, which is totally fucking rad. And if that's not enough to make your nips hard, here's all of the other bands that are playing.

Noise Nomads, Mallory, Sylphid, Belltonesuicide, Invisible Circle, Id M Theftable, Brava Spectre, Sords, Problem With Dragons, Gastric Lavage, Cellura Peptid, White Crime, Able Archer, Untitled Original, Sisters and Brothers, Yak Snot, Relics, Behaviour

So, I know like, half of those names but the ones I do know automatically guarantees this shit is going to be so so so amazing. The best part? IT'S FREE. Yeah, just show up and get your mind blown. But show up early, because there's no specific order that the bands are playing in and they said they're going to have bigger names play both early and late. And you don't wanna show up late to find out you missed Id M Theftable and Belltonesuicide do you? Starts at "2pm sharp" on the Library Lawn (rocking on the grass, love it) until 6, 1 hour intermission, then from 7 to midnight the party continues inside in the Student Union Ballroom.

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