Saturday, August 1, 2009

Show Worthy 8/3 - 8/9

Monday, August 3
Daniel Striped Tiger, Get Laid, Planned Communities, Alocoholocaust, Fruit Salad at Charlie's Kitchen ($6, 8:00, 21+)
This show seems to be a bit of a clusterfuck right now. Not totally sure who's playing and who's not. It's most likely everyone is playing but don't be too surprised if you show up and Fruit Salad's not there. But this should still be a great show if only for ladykillers DST. Those dudes fucking rock. Totally worth going to just for them. Promise.

Animal Hospital via

Monday, August 3
Animal Hospital, Maine Coons at Weirdo Records (donate, 8:00, all ages)
I'm pretty sure Maine Coons is also playing this even though these Weirdo shows typically just have one performance. I know nothing about Maine Coons, though. Just the fantastically fantastic ambient experimental post rockishness from Animal Hospital.

Wednesday, August 5
Tech Noir, Yes Giantess, Treehorn, Road Apples at O'Brien's ($7, 9:00, 21+)
Hey! I just reviewed Tech Noir and now they're playing a show at O'Brien's. Sweet. Along with them are fellow local synth poppers Yes Giantess and sad bastard Treehorn. And Road Apples are like that red fruit you see when driving to your friend's house.... I dunno. I got nothing.

Casy & Brian by Dalton Blanco via

Friday, August 7
Casy and Brian, Unicorn Basement, Worldmap at The Cottage ($3, 9:00, all ages)
Woooo! Go celebrate the first show at The Cottage with some totally rad bands. Casy & Brian are coming all the way from San Francisco to play their synth drum dance fun for you. Unicorn Basement is a guy/girl duo that are a perfect touring match for Casy & Brian. The girl plays keytar, so that's cool. And there's a 4th band playing that they haven't figured out yet. Sure to be awesome, though.
Update: Rene Netherlands (formerly Guatemala City) has officially been added to the bill.


Saturday, August 8
Halflings, Perispirit, Sharpwaist, Corephallism, Pharmakon at Jacques Cabaret ($10, 8:00, 21+)
Fuck yeah dude. A night of pure drone noise awesomeness. How could you ask for anything more than this lineup? Well, except for the fact that Double Awake isn't playing anymore. But truthfully, that just might've been too much noise.

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