Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Gianni Rossi - Gutterballs Soundtrack (Permanent Vacation, 2009)

Gianni Rossi - Theme From Gutterballs

I think this marks the first time I ever listened to a soundtrack before I saw the movie, but when I found out about this, I just had to. I mean, Gutterballs sounded like an awesome enough movie on it's own (simplified: slasher set in a bowling alley) but when I saw that the soundtrack was basically packed with synth disco horror, there was no stopping me.

Gianni Rossi has made a score that will easily be enjoyed without any context in regards to the film. The songs on this are just so fucking cool. The beats are non-stop, the bass grooves are propulsive, and the '80s guitar riffs are so rocking. I haven't heard a soundtrack that sounds this cheesily amazing in forever. Most authentic '70s and '80s horror movies don't even have soundtracks this good.

However, it is still a soundtrack, with the whole variations on a theme sorta thing. So, obviously, if you hate that, then just duck out now. But if you're a fan of anything Goblin/Italo Disco/Horror then you're gonna eat this shit up. Either way, though, just try to forget that this is supposed to be from a movie because it doesn't even matter. I must've listened to this 20 times before I saw Gutterballs. But see the movie, too, because it's fucking ridiculous.

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