Sunday, March 14, 2010

Show Worthy 3/15 - 3/21

Tuesday, March 16
Black Pus, Sissy Spacek, Nautical Almanac, Gerrit Wittmer & Paul Knowles, Weyes Blood, DJ 2xA (Double Awake) at Great Scott (8:00, $10, 18+)
Whoa everybody. Calm down. Just because Lightning Bolt drummer Brian Chippendale's solo noise project Black Pus is playing at Great Scott with Sissy Spacek aka John motherfuckin WIESE is no reason to freak out. So everyone just chill the fuck out. Don't get too excited. It's just another show.

Seijiro Murayama & Jean-Luc Guionnet by wot nxt via

Wednesday, March 17
Seijiro Murayama & James Coleman & Greg Kelley, Keith Fullerton Whitman at Outpost 186 (8:00, donate, all ages)
Murayama is the dude from Absolut Null Punkt (along with KK Null), he's played with Keiji Haino, and he put out that collab with Lionel Marchetti on Intransitive. He's just plain awesome. He'll be doing percussion shit with Coleman on theremin and Kelley on trumpet. Guaranteed to be rad. Plus KFW is opening. Holy shit?

Saturday, March 20
Blastfest 3 at Cambridge YMCA (11am-11pm, $5-$10, all ages)
I already did a whole post dedicated to Blastfest 3. Fuckin read it! It's going down this Saturday.

Sunday, March 21
Barn Owl, JaJuNo Trio, Tom Plsek, Mystic Out-Bop Review at Griffen Theatre (Salem) (7:00, $10, all ages)
Guys! Cool shit is coming to Salem!! That means I don't have to drive or take the train to have fun and see awesome experimental music. This is the first show in the Sonorium music series (put on by the Qfwfq Duo) and they're making sure they're on the map right from the get go bringing fuckin Barn Owl to town. Plus JaJuNo trio is playing, who consists of James Coleman on theremin, Jules Vasylenko playing the saxophone, and Noell Dorsey "singing." I wrote about them when they played at The Piano Factory with Lord & Karhlheinz, and Audrey Chen & id m theftable. They were incredible. This show would be so fucking cool if it was in Boston, but it's in Salem, and that just makes it a hundred million times cooler. Can't wait to see what Sonorium's got up their sleeves for round two.

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