Monday, March 22, 2010

MP3: Girlfriends - The Day I Was A Horse (Ampeater, 2010)

Girlfriends - The Day I Was A Horse

I love Girlfriends oh so dearly, and after listening to their debut tape on repeat a hundred zillion times in my car for the past 4 months I really regret giving them a half-assed "list review" of their A+++ tape. So here's my chance to make up for that massive error.

Ampeater has put out another one of their world renowned digital 7 inches, this time with 2 "new" Girlfriends songs. The first is a revised version of the first track on their tape, "Good To Be True." It's cleaned up a bit, polished, and the alien theremin solo is missing. Not too different. But the other song is "The Day I Was A Horse." Yeah, it's a Vaselines cover!

It's short and sweet, with the female Girlfriend having to sing a bit more than usual (obviously). If you know the song and/or The Vaselines, you'll love Girlfriends having a go at it. If you're totally oblivious to The Vaselines, you'll still love it because it's a great fucking song and Girlfriends are the best.

Download the new digital 7" here.

P.S. They played this song at Blastfest III on Saturday. It was awesome.

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