Monday, March 29, 2010

MP3: Robe. - Vacant (Crucial Blast, 2010)

Robe. - Vacant

Crucial Blast just put out this fucking killer 10 year anniversary, 54 track digital comp called Blastwave X with tons of shit you probably don't have. A lot of it is previously released material but there are a couple of exclusive tracks, such as "Vacant" by Robe.

A sprawling 12 and a half minute doom ride through the murky fog, this beast is fucking heavy. Turn your headphones up loud enough and your head starts vibrating. Beautiful gray ambient rumbling that just keeps diving downward into the abyss until you can't see or hear a goddamn thing except the total blackness of the lowest trench of the deepest ocean.

Totally. Fucking. AWESOME.

Here's hoping the next 10 years for Crucial Blast are as badass as the first.


Anonymous said...

WHOA. thanks this is awesome. robe might be the best drone band around.

Anonymous said...

That Robe. track blew my mind. So good. I heard that Thor's Rubber Hammer release and have loved them ever since. Check that shit out.