Thursday, November 5, 2009

Yoshi Wada - Earth Horns With Electronic Drone (Em / Edition Omega Point, 2009)

Yoshi Wada - Earth Horns With Electronic Drone

I'm not sure too much can be said about Yoshi Wada's Earth Horns With Electronic Drone. Or you can write volumes about it. Take your pick.

Recorded live in 1974 in New York, this release is "only" a 77 minute excerpt of the 2 hour and 25 minute performance. There is a triple LP set containing the full concert but it was extremely limited and I'm sure they're either ridiculously sold out or ridiculously $$$. Take your pick.

Constant electronic drone with Wada's DIY "pipehorns" that are tuned to the frequencies of the room (the one he played in, not yours). EPIC long form drone, heavy, dense, massive, mind expanding, body enveloping, earth shaking, absolute DRONE. You can't argue with it. You can only accept it.

Listen to Earth Horns and forget your existence. When this plays, it is all encompassing. There is nothing else.

Exquisite packaging. Old photos, detailed liner notes, totally worth your cash. If you're new to Wada, check out The Elephantine Crocodile because I think his "Singing" is the most amazing thing I've ever heard ever.


db said...

"I'm sure they're either ridiculously sold out or ridiculously $$$. Take your pick." As it happens, it's both (though I think Volcanic Tongue still has a couple copies), and to be honest I prefer the cd as it's one uninterrupted chunk as opposed to flipping lps every half hour. In a perfect world the whole performance would be available on DVD but we're not quite there yet. Totally amazing, and a perfect fit next to memorial listenings of Maryanne Amacher -- total genius.

Side note: the MPA east coast tour has been converted into the east coast move. More info on this early next year.

Justin Snow said...

Agreed about the pairing with Amacher. Such great work.

Justin Snow said...

Also, somehow I didn't realize you were MPA. That's awesome! And does that mean you're moving to the east coast?

xlpharmacy said...

Sounds amazing, great post.

Zwenner said...

Could you please repost this album? Would be much appreciated!