Thursday, November 19, 2009

Easyboy - Friends (Spooky Town Artifacts, 2009)

Easyboy - Sunny Day Garbage Pile

Easyboy is the solo stuff from Eric Farber, member of the insane electro-tribal awesome dudes Truman Peyote. Friends is his first (?) release of hypno pop jams and it's 100% worth your ear time.

I'm not sure that Farber was straight when he made this tape because it reminds me a bit of Farmacia's Nosocomio Manicomio and they were almost certainly fucked up on Robotussin when they made that tape. Now you could be a lame-ass and call Friends "bedroom pop" but it is so much more than that. It's amazingly weird with songs that aren't songs and plenty of found sounds that Farber most likely dug out of someone's attic.

There's all sorts of fun tunes on Friends that could end up on your next "happy times" mix tape or perhaps your "I'm gonna weird my friends out" mix tape. "Chest Swimmers" for example is some peppy garagey Jacob Berendes type song and then "Wrenchin'" could be a lost Dan Deacon/AnCo/Passion Pit collaboration. But the 54 second "Markers" sounds like grade school children got high and watched old Japanese cartoons. Friends is not the easiest thing to pin down but it's consistently fantastic.

Oh, and as always, Spooky Town shit is as cheap as it is fuckin awesome. Friends will only set you back $5.