Saturday, November 21, 2009

Show Worthy 11/23 - 11/29

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There are a few pretty cool shows coming up this week (Fuck Buttons & Growing, Melt-Banana Lite) but there's one that's worthy of an entire post dedicated to it.

Aidan Baker's coming to town again. Last time he was here was when Nadja played at The Middle East Upstairs, and I freaked out a bit. This time, however, he's going solo, creating much softer music than he does with Nadja.

And the coolest part about this show (other than Aidan Baker, HOLY FUCK) is who's opening. Animal Hospital and Brandon Terzakis. Fuck. Me. This show is so epic. Going down at Outpost 186 on Tuesday the 24th at 8:00, all ages, donate the shit out of this show. Thank you Sound Pool.

Bring lots of $$$$ 'cause Baker is ridiculously prolific and you don't want to miss out on any super limited shit he might have with him (I hope he's got that new split with Noveller). Not to mention AH & Terzakis's stuff. Oh man. I AM SO PUMPED.

P.S. Weirdo Records (right down the street from Outpost) is having a sale this month. Might as well stop by beforehand while you're in the area and support the coolest record store in Cambridge, while simultaneously getting awesome shit on the cheap.

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