Monday, November 30, 2009

MP3: A Faulty Chromosome - Groaning Like A Grown-Up

"doodle" by Melanie Cardenas

A Faulty Chromosome - Groaning Like A Grown-Up

You: You just reviewed the album this was on, like, yesterday.

Me: Oh, thank you kind sir for pointing that out to me. You see I have a hard time remembering what I blogged about on my own goddamn blog. So let me explain to you in list form why I am currently writing about this song.

1. Shut your fucking mouth this is my blog. That's just mean.

2. A Faulty Chromosome is possibly one of the greatest bands of all time.

3. You need to listen to more A Faulty Chromosome, regardless of how much you currently listen to them.

4. This song is brilliant. It starts with sprinklers and ends with fireworks and is catchy as fuck. The sprinklers stay through the whole song, making a sweet beat but the best part is, they pan channels. 'Cause that's exactly what a sprinkler does. Pans channels.

5. I wanted 5 things in my list.

P.S. They successfully raised enough money through Kickstarter to get a physical release for Craving To Be Coddled So We Feel Fake-Safe. WOOOO!!

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Ashley said...

Thanks for playing this on the radio, this is my new jam.