Thursday, November 12, 2009

Manners - Look Into Look Unto (SUNOFBEES, 2009)

Manners - Fire

Manners is a dude that I preemptively dissed one night when I was cranky because I didn't get to see a band (Psychic Ills) that I went out of my way specifically to see and in my mind I kinda blamed him a little bit. Since then, I've matured into a great benevolent man and have grown to love Mr. Greg Beson and the fantastic music he makes.

Look Into Look Unto is Manners' newest outing in the folky experimental scene. He takes a different approach than everyone else, though, because he doesn't rely on fuzz and blur to entertain. A solid voice and supreme songwriting skills are all Manners needs to make a totally enthralling record.

The songs are all super low-key. Chill, easy going, and borderline depressing. Actually, not so much depressing as just moody. The hooks are scarce but there's plenty of harmonies and sweet melodies to make up for it. And as if Greg's voice wasn't enough to keep things going, occasionally some female backup vocals pop up that are absolutely wonderful.

This type of acoustic singer/songwriter folky stuff isn't something that gets too much play around here but I've been making an exception for Manners. Look Into Look Unto is just a really pleasing listen, especially now that the nights are coming quicker and the sun isn't rising as high. Perfect fall music.

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