Sunday, May 31, 2009

Show Worthy 6/1 - 6/7

Sometimes it's great to live in Boston. There is so much awesome shit going on this week that it's impossible to see it all. Fucking shame...

DJ Kat Fyte via

Monday, June 1
DJ Kat Fyte at Enormous Room (FREEEEEEE, 9:00, 21+)
Beat Research is doing their regular Monday night at Enormous Room with resident DJs Flack and Wayne & Wax except on June 1st, Kat Fyte will be there as well, spinning some sweet glitch hop, dubstep, grime, and all things electro for you to have a great fucking time. FYI, Kat Fyte is Max Pearl, the genius behind the now defunct Under 21 In Boston and the newly created Popular Influence. This guy's got serious skills. Fun is pretty much assured. Oh, and did I mention it's free?

Oneohtrix Point Never via

Tuesday, June 2
Oneohtrix Point Never, Keith Fullerton Whitman & Geoff Mullen, Brendan Murray, DJ Ning Nong at Piano Factory ($5-10, 8:00, all ages)
Semata Productions apparently are pretty reliable when it comes down to the wire. When one door closes, another always opens. This show is proof. Originally, Abelar Scout, Evan Miller, and Treetops were supposed to play. Which would have been amazing. Sadly, those guys had to cancel their tour but in their place, Keith Fullerton Whitman & Geoff Mullen will be collaborating again. If you've missed their last couple of shows, this is not something to keep slacking on. Together, they own the stage and make your ears weep for joy. Along with local hero Brendan Murray and ex-local still-hero Oneohtrix Point Never, with Ning Nong making sure you aren't bored in between sets, this show is going to be killer despite the last minute lineup change.

Vic Rawlings via

Tuesday, June 2
Vic Rawlings' Sound Fountain at Weirdo Records ($5, 8:00, all ages)
I couldn't tell you a thing about this Sound Fountain thing. Apparently it's been 3 years in the making and this is the debut. All I know is Vic Rawlings is the man and plays a mean electronically processed cello. I can imagine all sorts of crazy awesome things involving fountains and... sounds but your guess is as good as mine. My guess is EPIC.

Alva Noto & Byetone via

Thursday, June 4
Alva Noto, Byetone at Middlesex Lounge ($10, 9:30, 21+)
ALL HAIL NON-EVENT. They're bringing AlvamotherfuckingNoto and Byetone to Boston. They deserve, like, 5 gold medals for that. Not that you should need an introduction to either of these guys but Byetone is one of the brilliant founders of Raster-Noton and Alva Noto is, well, basically an electronic music prodigy.

Paul Metzger via

Thursday, June 4
Paul Metzger, Elaine Evans, Amen Dunes, Ernst Karel at Outpost 186 (donation, 8:00, all ages)
Man, it fucking sucks that this show is going on the same night as Alva Noto & Byetone because this show is going to be fucking awesome. Metzger plays a 21 string banjo. That right there sold me but I understand you might need a little more enticing. Evans does weird stuff with a pocket trumpet and a loop pedal. Amen Dunes has been getting a ton of buzz with his new album Dia out on Locust that's really really good. And Karel does analog electronic stuff. Seems like we're gonna have to make a pretty tough decision come Thursday night...

Gay Beast via

Saturday, June 6
Gay Beast, Neptune at Midway Cafe ($?, 9:00, 21+)
Gay Beast are a crazy noisethrashpunk band à la AIDS Wolf from Minneapolis and they're totally rad. I'm sure they put on a nasty live show but I can't say I know from experience. And Neptune is also playing which means it doesn't matter in the slightest who else is on the bill because the show is going to rock regardless.

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